Thursday, July 17, 2014

July MCS Tutorial

This month, as you all know, the Main kit from My Creative Scrapbook came with a Lindy's Stamp Gang medieval gold Glitz Spritz which goes perfectly with the gold accents in the My Mind's Eye Market Street collection.

I created 4 different layouts with the Main kit and for each one, I started with plain white cardstock as the background.  I used the Glitz Spritz in 4 different ways to create a different background for each layout.

Background #1

I started by using the stencil (included in the kit) with molding paste in order to add a bit of layered texture on my background.  I dried the pattern using a heat gun.

Next, I poured some Spritz unto my crafting mat and dabbed a piece of scrunched up paper towel into it, making sure to absorb as much of the pigmented liquid as I could.

  I then just simply dabbed the mist on my stenciled pattern.

Completed layout using background #1

Background #2

This technique is a bit more daring as you never quite know how it'll turn out.

I covered my scrapping mat with Spritz.

I went pretty liberal on the spritzes. :)

I then took my blank white cardstock and flipped it over the scrap mat, pressing on it in order for all the mist to transfer on to the cardstock.

And here is what I ended up with...

Completed layout using background #2

 Background #3

For this background, I simply lined up the stencil where I wanted the color effect to show on my cardstock and I sprayed some Spritz...

being careful to lift up the stencil after and drying with a heat gun.


Background #4

For my final background, I just used the Spritz as it's meant to be used...  with sprays closer or farther from the paper to make different effects and shapes.

I then dried the splatters of mist with a heat gun.

Completed layout using background #4
Note: Unfortunately, the picture of this layout came out a bit bright so the result doesn't really show.

Thank you for joining me today on my Tutorial Day!
Now, it's your turn to go Glitz Spritz crazy! :)


  1. Oh I love these backgrounds! .... and I love Lindy's Stamp Gang's Glitz Spritz's (and their Starburst Spray's, too. I have over 50 of them! No kidding!)... Anyway.... I never thought to do your #2 Background by spraying the mists on the craft mat and then putting the cardstock on top of it to absorb!..A truly unique impression everytime!... thanks so much for the inspiration :)

  2. These look fabulous backgrounds! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks for the tips Nicole!! These are gorgeous pages!!