Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Flashback Friday Challenge 21.0

This month, Jen on the Flashback Friday blog asks us to go back in time and unearth our...  

Well, the very first one that i found in my vault of cards dates way back to my pre-blog days (i'm thinking maybe 2008???), but i decided to share it with you anyway.

I remember that i was inspired by some similar card found online so i cannot take full credit for the idea.  The card is simple and SO different from my current style, but it is still adorable in its own special way - hehehe

Go visit Flashback Friday now!  It's a superb challenge blog full of flashback fun!!!


  1. What a fun card! Great idea!!! Thanks so much for playing with us at Flashback Friday 21.0!!!!

  2. That is a super cute guy card! It's fun to see how much our styles have changed isn't it? Thanks for playing along with Flashback Friday 21.0!