Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Flashback Friday Challenge 20.0

Was i ever excited when i came accross this challenge blog today!!!

This blog was started by Amy, also owner of the beautiful Tsuruta Designs of which i was already a follower, in order to go back in time a bit to rediscover and share with our blog friends our very first scrapbooking endeavours based on different fun themes every month.  You have to create a 'new post' of your original project as bad and embarrassing as it might be! - hehehe.  It's all for fun and who knows... you might realize that you ALWAYS had the scrapbooking touch! :)  What an awesome idea for a Challenge blog, isn't it!?

This month's challenge, the 20th since the start of this blog, is:

Well, since i have only been blogging for a year and taking pictures of my projects for not much longer than that, i had a hard time finding my first black & white card... especially since i don't tend to scrapbook in black & white a lot.  There's always other colors creeping through - hehe

Speaking of 'creeping', i did find this one though which is really not that old so i'm not sure that it will qualify as a Flashback project (it dates back to October of last year), but it is still the first one i blogged about that met the theme of this challenge the most.

 So am i embarrassed by this card?
Not at all!  hehehe

I promise, for the next Flashback Friday Challenge, i'll really try to dig deeper in my old vault of scrapbooking 'fails'!!! 


  1. Love this card, Nicole, it's fabulous, you should not be embarrassed! Thanks for joining in the fun at Flashback Friday 20.0.

    Please turn off word verification.

  2. this totally counts as a "past" card!! and how stinken' CUTE are those spiders!!!
    so glad you joined us for the FUN on FBF 20.0 :)

  3. What a FUN those spideys...although irl I'm scared of those things!!!! So glad you played along with us for Flashback Friday 20.0!!!!

  4. Oh my! How cute is this! Totally fun!

    Thanks for joining us at Flashback Friday 20.0! :)

  5. Oh this is perfect and it totally qualifies :>)
    Thanks for joining in the FBF fun!!!

  6. HiHi! How cute! Love it! Thanks for playing along!

  7. It wouldn't be Halloween without a little black, white, and green!! Thanks for playing along with us!!

  8. So glad you found Flashback Friday challenges it is such fun to go back in time and see old posts. Your card is such fun with those spiders. Thanks for being part of challenge 20.0

  9. What a fun card, I love all the webs. Thanks for joining in with FF 20.

  10. This is fabulous! I'm finding from this Flashback challenge that so few of us make cards that are purely black and white--most of us just have to add a splash of color. And that splash of lime green in your creation is adorable! Thanks for linking up to Flashback Friday 20.0!!!

  11. Adorable card! Love the spiders and that green stitching your spiders are hanging from! Thanks for playing with us at FF 20!